Givenchy Velvet Matissime Compact Foundation 9g N01

1.500.000 VND


An extremely soft and velvety powder that neutralizes shine to reveal a lastingly matte complexion. True color and a lightweight sensation for a natural result and absolute comfort.

Ultra-matte technology the airy structure of silica mlcrospheres ensure an absolute matte finish: - their ability to capture water and sebum gives them up to three times more absorbency than classic powders. - Composed of multiple mlcro-canals, they offer a unique sensation of lightness, allowing the skin to breathe.

Simultaneously, a natural ingredient absorbs excess sebum and moisture to help the skin maintain its balance for controlled shine. ColorIntact correcting pigments, protected by a silica coating, work to preserve the radiance of the complexion and extend color hold. Refines, protects and evens-out skin tone: Matissime Velvet is enriched with Black Cumln oil which is renowned for its purifying benefits.

The skin is protected and its pure beauty revealed. A radiant matte result for a velvet complexion Freed from excess oil and humldity, the skin benefits from a long lasting, naturally matte finish. Hour after hour, color stays true, without darkening. The complexion is even-toned, shine-free and lumlnous. I

mperfections are concealed. The skins texture is smoothed and the appearance of pores is reduced. The skin breathes freely. Its natural radiance is preserved.

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