Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal A Paris EDT (New Arrival 2020)

1.540.000 VND


A new feminine fragrance with honey and jasmine.

You should have seen their faces when she walked into that fancy restaurant! It had all the makings of a grand evening. You could hear a pin drop. 



Scandal is a new kind of fragrance for women: the elegant aura that it leaves in her wake is sullied by the Pigalle spirit beloved by Jean Paul Gaultier.

A rumor of Jean Paul Gaultier with a new scandal has arrived. A feminine fragrance, away from all clichés. He falls into the temptation of the radiant and bright Scandal A Paris and ends the rumors. Scandal A Paris maintains the original Scandal EDP codes with a bright new silhouette, which provides a very feminine and sensual look of the legs in the air. A new feminine fragrance with honey and jasmine. Like a rumor, the scandal spreads with Scandal's addictive honey scent. A flashing mix of light and radiant jasmine with pear

A perfume as pink as love and as red as lust. Just a glimpse of the box and you know its the best of Paris wrapped up. And like all good ideas - this bottle has legs. Her legs, bare kick the air, half in flight, shes SO ready for the night 


Chypre Floral

Pear, Jasmine, Honey