(The Fragrance For Men)

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So how is he, this man?

The LEGEND man is not easy to describe. He prefers subtlety to the crudity of explanations ... Sure of him and confident, rather in the restraint than in the display, he lives through his feelings, his courage and his convictions. And yet, without his having to say a word, we feel his determination and commitment, his taste for authenticity, his love of passion and pleasure.
This naturally virile man, as Montblanc sees it, is embodied by the British Simon Clark, photographed by the German Peter Lindbergh. The power of clichés in black and white, the simplicity of the image, the discreet elegance of the turtleneck sweater ...

He is one of those men who create their own legend.



When an object bears the name Montblanc, the style is essential, primordial.

The LEGEND bottle captures the essence of masculinity and design in what is timeless, and wears the classic Montblanc emblems.

Its solid curved shape presents voluptuous flowing lines, echoing the sensual and unique impression that the iconic Meisterstück writing instrument leaves in hand. This effect is reinforced by the top of the bottle associating intense black glass and smooth metal.

On the cap, the three "rings" embodying the spirit of the Meisterstuck 149 frame the famous guilloche signature.


FRAGRANCE MONTBLANC LEGEND expresses both strength and gentleness, clarity and mystery. This very masculine and yet subtle perfume is part of the olfactory family of ferns. He makes his presence sensitive without ever imposing himself. The first notes are slightly aromatic: lavender, essential in the construction of the fern, is well recognizable. The heart notes vibrate intensely: the evernyl, a molecule evoking the smell of oak moss, displays a warm sensuality and depth. A mix of sensuality and harmony completes the fragrance. No fern worthy of the name would be without coumarin, this inimitable note "half-hay, half biscuit", main component of the tonka bean.
The touch of sandalwood of this fragrance leaves a particular final impression: that of an irresistible adventure that is completely personal.

Everything is in the name: Montblanc LEGEND. 

▪Top note: Lavender, Bergamot, Lemon Verbena, Pineapple

▪ Heart note: Coumarin, oak moss, Geranium

▪ Base note: Sandalwood,Tonka

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